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We have clients across the globe and we are the preferred content provider
for several websites in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa.

We have regularly purchased articles from MedASQ and have always been pleased with the quality of the content. The MedASQ writers were able to explain complex medical topics in simple and easy to understand articles that our readers could relate to.


MedASQ has helped us grow our network into some of the top ranking websites in South Africa. We have purchased both pre-written and custom-created content and have always been more than happy with the articles that they delivered.


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1. Select an article from our database.

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2. Read the article description and sample excerpt.

Take note if the article subtitles, length, sample preview and Copyscape status meets with your satisfaction.

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Ensure that the content meets with your website's needs before you make a purchase. Refer to our refund policy before you opt to buy content.

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Medical Practices

A professional medical website needs medical content. The health care industry is competitive and your visibility on Google can transform your idle medical website into a funnel for sourcing new patients. There are many ways to improve your practice website but  'content is king'. Written articles still perform better than other forms of content. Despite having the knowledge, you may not have the time to write and buying medical articles solves this problem immediately.

Medical SEO

There is never a need to educate an internet marketer or SEO consultant on the benefits of content. Few if any other SEO techniques can match the value of a website filled with relevant content. Whether you are optimizing a client's website or trying to take your affiliate marketing business to the next level, you will need quality medical content and plenty of it. Finding a reliable medical content writer can be difficult and buying medical articles can sometimes just makes more sense.