You may have active social media accounts for your medical practice. You may also be listed on online medical directories throughout your country. However, a well designed and content-rich website is still the foundation of your digital presence and it needs unique content on a regular basis. As a medical professional you do not have time to create content for your website. So should you outsource or should you buy medical articles?

Let’s consider the options.

Hiring Medical Writers

Allowing your website developer to create or source content for you can be a mistake, especially if you want to guard your reputation as a medical professional. There is always a risk of your developer either writing the content without having any medical knowledge, plagiarizing the content from other medical websites or hiring $5 writers who have a bare minimum grasp of English or medicine.

The internet is full of freelancers claiming to have skills and qualifications that they do not, and verifying their credentials can be difficult. The online medical writing industry has been inundated with writers who do little more than re-write content from websites like Mayo Clinic or WebMD. Often English is not their first language and despite their best attempts, the poorly structured and at times inaccurate content can be easily spotted by your patients.

A reputable online medical content writing service can be expensive. Any English-speaking medical writer with a healthcare or medical science qualification will charge you a premium rate for new content. Even our medical writing service does not come cheap and we tend to reserve our medical writing services for corporate clients who are prepared to pay our premium rates.

Medical Articles Ready for Your Medical Website

Given the price factor and pitfalls with engaging the services of an online medical writer, we believe that there is an opportunity for pre-written, readily available medical articles that can be immediately downloaded. As with any product, we had to ensure that the value proposition was not based on our wants but on our customers’ needs. Our medical writing team therefore produces medical articles for sale on common topics.

Buying medical articles just makes more sense. You have instant medical content that you own fully. You can edit or add to it. You know it is written by health care professionals and already has the substance of the subject matter within in. This allows you to transform your website overnight from being a 5 page low ranking entity to a medical authority in your niche.

There are additional benefits of buying medical website articles and developing a content-rich practice website, such as retention of your patients. In a competitive industry, patients are naturally drawn to businesses that provide as much information as possible on their problems and offers effective solutions. Health care is no different. By informing and educating your patients online, you can save time explaining complex medical concepts during a consultation and it can also improve patient compliance.

As a health care professional, you understand the need to inform and educate your patients. There are plenty of medical websites which your patients can access but the information that you provide on your medical practice website will often be more trusted and comforting. An informed patient is a more compliant patient. A more compliant patient tends to respond better to treatment. A better therapeutic response ultimately improves your medical reputation.

Professional Medical Websites Need Medical Content

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