Most web developers and website owners turn to freelance medical content writers when quality healthcare articles are needed for a website. There are no shortage of candidates on freelance websites. However, finding the best medical content writer can be a daunting task. There are some points that are not negotiable, like a good grasp of English, highly knowledgeable about the medical sciences as well as the quality of the medical article.


A good starting point is to peruse through the resumé or curriculum vitae (CV) of all candidates. Do not even consider any applicant for a medical content writer position if he/she cannot provide a resumé/CV. The internet is crawling full of fake “professionals”. They may either provide you with poor content or take a deposit and never deliver the articles. If a resumé/CV is not available then a LinkedIn profile may suffice in this regard.

Always take note of the educational institution and number of legitimate connections when considering an online profile like LinkedIn. No matter how you feel about a college education, your medical writing candidate does not have a health care or medical science qualification.There are many competent health writers on the market without the appropriate academic qualifications.

However, when it comes to a medical content writer, you will need a candidate that has the right academic background. He/she does not need to be a medical doctor, although this may be a bonus. The fact of the matter is that few writers, irrespective of their level of competence, can adequately manage writing medical articles without a health care or medical science background.

Anatomy, phyiosology and pathology are the foundation of medicine. So you will need to ensure that a candidate for a medical content writing position has studied these subjects at tertiary level. A background in clinical medicine is equally important when the content is from a health care perspective. However, subjects like clinical medicine or its equivalent is usually within the ambit of health care professionals.


A properly qualified candidate does not necessarily make a proficient medical content writer. Be careful in this regard. It is not uncommon for “fake” candidates to provide “fake” portfolios. This is easy to spot. If a medical content writing candidate provides you with links to articles that do not contain their name, then there it may not be their work.

The only time you should consider an online article with no name as a sample of their work is if it is accompanied by a verifiable reference. This means that the owner of the website where their article appears should be reachable through the website’s contact channels. The registered domain owner is also a suitable reference. However, beware of low quality websites colluding with “fake” writers to dupe unsuspecting clients.

It is important to peruse through the candidate’s portfolio thoroughly. You need to ensure that the medical content writer is proficient and this is easily reflected in their work. Medical articles should be concise with perfect spelling and grammar. Do not be surprised if the most qualified candidate academically is not the most proficient medical content writer.

With a little coaching and some editing on your side, you could turn these medical articles from qualified candidates into gems of web content. You may want to look at some of our sample articles. While it may not suit every webmaster’s needs, it adequately conveys the necessary information without the confusing medical jargon. These are some of the traits you will need to look for in a candidate’s portfolio.


You can tell a lot about a medical content writer by the rates they charge. Competent writers with a legitimate portfolio is usually in demand. This is reflected in their rates. Any medical content writer that charges you less than $15 for a 500 word article may not be as proficient as they initially appear. However, do not pass up the “cheap” medical content right away.

Remember that $15 may go a long way in a developing country. Furthermore, newcomers to the field of medical content writing may be willing to work for lower rates initially. These writers are not going to be found on websites like Fiverr. Instead, a good place to start would be Upwork’s medical writers section. Do not be surprised by the rates of some of the top ranked medical content writers. As is the case with any purchase, you get what you pay for.

Test Your Medical Content Writer

If you want to ensure that your choice of medical content writer is ideal, then you need to test the candidate with a trial project. These projects should not be on a pro bono basis. Proficient medical content writers are professionals and will need to be reimburse for their work, even during a trial.

Ask the writer to provide at least three short medical articles within a stipulated period of time. Ensure that they understand the importance of deadlines, quality of work and original (unique) content. Here are some of the factors that you should consider if a candidate passes your test.

  • Is the writer charging a fair rate for their services?
  • Can the writer commit to your schedule?
  • Does the writer’s work pass Copyscape?
  • Is the writer interested in building long term relationships?

Choosing the Best Content Writer

Whittled down your list to a handful of medical writers, preferably two or three medical content writing candidate at most. It is important to consider all the points mentioned above before making a decision. However, the best candidate may not always be the best medical content writer for your needs. You will have to sometimes make exceptions and give new writers an opportunity.

Remember that your choice of medical content writer needs to understands the basics of web content creation. Uniqueness is important. A working knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) is advisable. Do not hesitate to schedule a Skype chat with candidates. These chats can provide far most insight into the proficiency of a writing candidate than a resumé or curriculum vitae (CV) .

Medical Content Writer – Finding the Best Candidate

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